Study of Droplet Characteristics and Spray Deposition during Coating Produced by an Electrostatic Rotary Bell Sprayer on OpenFoam

Mohammad Reza Pendar, Jose Pascoa
2020 Progress in Canadian Mechanical Engineering. Volume 3   unpublished
The current work seeks to investigate the unsteady spraying flow characteristics around the high-speed electrostatic rotary bell sprayer (ERBS). The description information is about the distribution, size, velocity, charge-tomass ratio and disintegration process of the injected paint droplets. Also, the present study contains a systematic analysis of the toroidal vortex pattern, recirculation length (RL), trajectories of the droplet and the overspray phenomenon. The droplet electrostatic
more » ... g process and fluid dynamics are simulated by implementing a comprehensive Eulerian-Lagrangian model and Navier-Stokes equations, respectively. The current efficient algorithm accurately computed the interaction between the shaping airflow dynamic, electrostatic field and lagrangian paint droplet in the spraying process under the framework of the OpenFOAM package. Unsteady flow is calculated by using a large eddy simulation (LES) turbulence model. This study precisely focuses on the formation of the paint film distribution on the inner surface of the bell cup and workpiece. The effect of different breakup models on the distribution and size of the droplets during the coating is reported. Also, a function for the wall film is implemented to capture the thickness of the impinging particles on the body surface. The droplet disintegrations pattern and airflow distribution and velocity near the bell cup region compared with the experimental results and a suitable agreement were observed.
doi:10.32393/csme.2020.1132 fatcat:c7lxwje43zalhnsq7w7xdviidq