Management of the "Syrian Refugee Crisis" - Repercussions on European Security. Impact/Measures Analysis

Mihai Constantin, Valahia' University of Targoviste, Doctoral School, Targoviste, România
2020 International Conference Innovative Business Management & Global Entrepreneurship (IBMAGE 2020)   unpublished
The Syrian crisis is the most complex crisis (political, social, humanitarian, security) in the world, since World War II. In regards to the 1951 "Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees", states have an obligation to provide refugees with a form of primary protection, which is not intended to replace asylum, but rather to provide an intermediate and immediate protection measure. At European level, for asylum seekers and refugees, there are several programs (developed by international
more » ... international institutions such as "UN for refugees" and "UNHCR") for integration into the host country during the temporary stay and return to the country of origin, when there are safety conditions. If this solution is not viable, they can opt for relocation to a third country. Effective management of the crisis created by the refugees flow requires the adoption of a common political agenda for European states to eliminate inequalities between states and focus on building viable economic strategies. Therefore, it is necessary to develop policies or strategies designed to provide refugees with a sense of security in the host country and their social assimilation, without being forced to give up their cultural identities. This article aims to analyse the strategies of the European states involved in this phenomenon, applied in the "Syrian refugee crisis". At the moment, the biggest part of the effort of counter-terrorism is focused on the criminal justice system. This means focusing almost exclusively on those who already intend to commit a crime and not on prevention. The legal repercussions can further encourage radicalization, which can degenerate later.
doi:10.18662/lumproc/ibmage2020/17 fatcat:3btyamzklnexpoh3x5mfp6beim