A review of the mechanism by which EBW detonators function [report]

Philip John Rae
2018 unpublished
An introduction to exploding bridge wire EBW detonators is given followed by an extensive critical review of open source literature pertaining to these devices. The aim is to better establish the mechanism of operation. Some authors state that the key mechanism is shock-to-detonation (SDT) while others maintain it is deflagration-todetonation (DDT), or a complex combination of both. Many authors fail to specifically explain what they mean by these often misappropriated terms. In addition to EBW
more » ... detonators, arc detonators and direct optical initiation detonators are also reviewed and it is demonstrated that in this manner the usually coupled effects from both shock and deflagration can be separated. As a result, it is hypothesized that the mechanism of operation in all three detonators is in fact the same: the formation of a plasma with a power of ≈1 MW that, coupled with chemical energy thereby rapidly released by the explosive, drives an abbreviated DDT process. Finally, several additional experiments are described that if performed will assist the assessment of this hypothesis. *
doi:10.2172/1484607 fatcat:tpjvp6z7fncvxkbeqebcp5472y