2018 Teknologi pangan : media informasi dan komunikasi ilmiah teknologi pertanian  
Dried noodle is noodles that have been experiencing draining until the water levels reached 8-10%, hold in store for a long time because the moisture content is reduced so that it is difficult to grow mushrooms and molds. The main raw materials used for a manufacture of these noodles was plain flour. The purpose of this research is to substituting it with wheat flour flour waste fermented soybean in blocks (soy epidermis) in making noodles and knowing the proportion of waste fermented soybean
more » ... fermented soybean in blocks flour (soy epidermis) on dried noodle quality best seen from the physical, chemical and organoleptic. This research method using RAK (Random Design Group) and one factor is 5 times the treatment. Comparison of waste fermented soybean in blocks flour : flour (10:90, 20:80, 30:70, 40:60, 50:50) grams. The observations made with the analysis of ANOVA and with BNT in hose beliefs 5% and 1%. While the analysis of organoleptic using of Friedman test and to find out the best treatment using index effectiveness test of de Garmo modification Susrini. The results showed the best treatment refractory sempel A1 i.e. the proportion of flour and flour a 90 grams waste fermented soybean in blocks flour 10 grams chemical value protein 10.70% and water 9.65%, tensile strength 1.49 (N) cooking time (minutes) 2.42, as well organoleptic taste 3 (neutral), color 3.85 (love), flavor 4 (like), and texture 4 (like).
doi:10.35891/tp.v9i2.1187 fatcat:4y7aweibhnhiboqcmmaiqugsym