On Two New Translations of Marcin Broniewski'sTartariae Descriptio(1595)

2015 Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae  
REVIEWS On Two New Translations of Marcin Broniewski's Tartariae Descriptio (1595) Marcin Broniewski's (Latin: Martinus Broniovius; Russian: Martin Bronevskij / Мартин Броневский) Tartariae Descriptio, a travel account composed as a result of his visits to the Crimea as an ambassador to the Tatar Khans in 1575 (?) and 1578 -1579, 1 is a classical source for any study of the mediaeval and early modern Crimea. The original Latin text of Tartariae Descriptio was first published in Cologne in 1595;
more » ... its abridged version was printed by Elzevir in 1630 together with a few other important sources on early modern Russia and the Crimean Khanate (Broniewski / Broniovius 1595; 1630). The appearance of this highly important source did not pass unnoticed by European public. Its first translation was published by the famous Samuel Purchas as early as 1625; this translation was several times reprinted later (Broniewski / Bro-R E V I E W S Acta Orient. Hung. 68, 2015
doi:10.1556/062.2015.68.4.7 fatcat:klxwebi5wnbslamsziq4xmrr2y