Generation of fast electrons in a CO₂ laser plasma interaction

Grant W. J. McIntosh
Fast electrons have been observed in the +k∠ direction for a CO₂ laser plasma interaction. The threshold for fast electron production was found to be 10¹³ Wcm⁻². The number of electrons peaks and decreases for intensities greater than 6 10¹³ W cm⁻². Some possible theories are suggested for this behavior. When a Maxwellian fit to the electron energy distribution was used , a temperature of 121 keV was obtained. The threshold and temperature are consistent with generation by Stimulated Raman
more » ... imulated Raman Scattering. The number of fast electrons is also shown to increase dramatically as the amount of plasma near .25 n[sub CR] is increased. A computer program was also developed for the interpretation of interferograms.
doi:10.14288/1.0085051 fatcat:opwgcbith5dulb5wpwoga3rdji