Impacts of color-coded nutrition facts panel and consumer responses

Xuqi Chen
2022 unpublished
Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP) is a critical channel that communicates food nutrition information to consumers. A fundamental question is how to assist consumers in effectively using the valuable information on NFP without them taking the risk of missing important information. This paper introduces the color-coded NFP and investigates its impacts on information search and consumer behavior, such as attention to information, food health perception, food choice, and preferences of the different NFP
more » ... ormats. Results show that the color-coded NFP attracts more attention than the black and white NFP for unfavorite nutrients (fat, sodium, and sugars). Color-coded NFP also leads to consumers' healthier choices for some products (e.g., chips). Besides, the color-coded NFP reduces the time for the consumers to make accurate evaluations of the products' healthiness, reducing the information processing cost. Finally, most respondents prefer color-coded NFP to NFP in other formats (e.g., black and white and gray scale).
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.322206 fatcat:a3m4rkhy4vbqdpqjp3qwflpf5a