Design and Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Single Stage Three Level Ac-Dc Converter

R. Sasi kumar, M. Arounas salame
2015 International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering  
Voltage fed single stage converters suffer from two main drawbacks: The efficiency is affected due to the reduced values of maximum DC link capacitor voltage and the power factor is not close to unity. To overcome these drawbacks, a boost type -input current shaping converter, integrated with diode clamped topology is used. Since this converter is a multilevel converter, it can be operated with high DC bus voltage. The power factor is also maintained close to unity. This converter is made to
more » ... rate with fuzzy logic controller to regulate the output voltage. The fuzzy logic controller is designed and the performance of the ac-dc converter is tested using MATLAB/SIMULINK based closed loop simulation. A single stage three level ac-dc converter with Fuzzy logic controller was implemented using MATLAB/SIMULINK and its performance was analysed for variations in the input voltage and changes in the output reference voltage.It was observed that the performance of the converter was not affected even when the input voltage changes. Also it was observed that the output of the converter tracks the reference voltage without any appreciable delay. The outstanding feature of this converter is better efficiency, less distorted input current, less output current ripple and finally it combines the performances of two stage converter with reduction of cost of single-stage converters. The hardware implementation of the converter with fuzzy logic controller is under investigation.
doi:10.15662/ijareeie.2015.0402018 fatcat:2t5q4ufhjjfdzn4zftkgcu2ogy