De Haas–van Alphen effect in superconductors

V P Mineev, M G Vavilov
1997 Physics Uspekhi  
A theory of the de Haas-van Alphen effect in type-II superconductors is proposed. The effect of the electron scattering by nonmagnetic impurities in a magnetic field in the potential produced by a nonuniform distribution of the order parameter in a mixed state is investigated. The magnitude of the order parameter and quasiparticle density of states are determined from the solution of the system of Gor'kov equations. It is shown that in the presence of even a small amount of impurities, the
more » ... mpurities, the superconducting state near the upper critical field is gapless. In this region, the oscillatory ͑in the magnetic field͒ contribution to the density of states and the characteristic damping of the amplitude of the magnetization oscillations in the superconducting state are found.
doi:10.1070/pu1997v040n10abeh001574 fatcat:tqnmfnppz5b2bmiumvagq7kasu