Experimental investigation on the influence of process parameters in thermal drilling of metal matrix composites
Eksperimentalno istraživanje uticaja parametara procesa termičkog bušenja na kompozite sa metalnom matricom

W.A. Waleed, A. Chathriyan, Singh Vimal
2018 FME Transaction  
Friction Drilling is a special drilling technique that utilises the Frictional heat generated between the rotating conical drill bit and the stationary workpiece to soften and penetrate the work. The material which interests our study is the metal matrix composite Copper Silicon carbide (CuSiC) due to its high thermal conductivity which would accelerate the drilling process. Friction drill bits of various cone angles are made out of Tungsten High speed steel. Friction drill bits of various cone
more » ... angles are made out of Tungsten High speed steel. The purpose of our study is to analyse the influence of the drilling parameters: Friction angle, Feed rate, Workpiece thickness and Spindle speed on Thrust force and Torque both graphically and by means of employing Taguchi's parametric design approach. Experimentation is to be conducted using Taguchi's orthogonal array and the results have to be assessed by analysis of variance (ANOVA).
doi:10.5937/fmet1802171w fatcat:x7r2wpgs3ngl7oypwa5ttraroi