Ewan Douglas, Sam D. Cromie, Chiara Leva
2015 unpublished
Reporting of hazards is a key aspect of safety management in industry, but relatively little empirical investigation of reporting has been undertaken. This research reports on an investigation that was carried out in the Science gallery at Trinity College Dublin to explore the detection and reporting of hazards by members of the public. Three simulated hazards were developed and placed around the risk lab. The experiment was designed to assess the capacity to recall recognise and report hazards
more » ... and report hazards of the participants by means of an exit survey. Participants performed better at recognition than recollection with no actual reporting of hazards recorded. The results validated some of the findings suggested by the literature and can assist in the development of a new experimental methodology as training within organizations to improve awareness of hazards and reporting practices.
doi:10.13140/rg.2.1.3526.0966 fatcat:ct5cy6el4zhyfjnxzsedysojo4