Comparing the conditions and design of stormwater detention basins built between 19&0 and 2011 to estimate service life

Allyson Brooks Salisbury
Stormwater detention basins have been utilized for stormwater management for over 40 years. During this time, regulatory and technological changes have made older detention basin designs obsolete. Additionally little is known about the longevity of the physical and biological components of these systems. To gain a better understanding of the potential service life of detention basins this thesis compares conditions at basins built between 19&0 and 2011. The study specifically examines soil
more » ... tration rate, the ability of older designs to fulfill new regulatory requirements, the condition of concrete structures, and the diversity of plant communities in Middlesex and Mercer Counties, New Jersey detention basins. Basin age had little effect on the soil infiltration rates. Basins built before 2004 are able to meet their original peak flow reduction standards however overall they cannot meet New Jersey's 2004 peak flow, groundwater recharge, or water quality requirements. Age also had little effect on the condition of concrete structures in the detentions basins and on maintenance concerns such as sediment accumulation. There was a weak negative correlation between basin age and plant diversity. Additionally, plant growth was strongly associated with sediment clogging in inlets. Overall, research suggests that with proper maintenance, after 30 years detention basins can continue to perform their original functions. However new standards may necessitate basin replacement or retrofitting.
doi:10.7282/t3dr2sjv fatcat:6yqoqjfro5d7rosvsqlv3bhn4i