Electron spin resonance shifts inS=1antiferromagnetic chains

Shunsuke C. Furuya, Yoshitaka Maeda, Masaki Oshikawa
2013 Physical Review B  
We discuss electron spin resonance (ESR) shifts in spin-1 Heisenberg antiferromagnetic chains with a weak single-ion anisotropy based on several effective field theories, the O(3) nonlinear sigma model (NLSM) in the Haldane phase, free fermion theories around the lower and the upper critical fields. In the O(3) NLSM, the single-ion anisotropy corresponds to a composite operator which creates two magnons at the same time and position. Therefore, even inside a parameter range where free magnon
more » ... roximation is valid, we have to take interactions among magnons into account. Though the O(3) NLSM is only valid in the Haldane phase, an appropriate translation of Faddeev-Zamolodchikov operators of the O(3) NLSM to fermion operators enables one to treat ESR shifts near the lower critical field in a similar manner to discussions in Haldane phase. We present that our theory gives quantitative agreements with recent ESR experimental results on an spin-1 chain compounds NDMAP.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.87.125122 fatcat:ppipkukzjvfpvpdtjczqfw2y74