Yablo's Paradox and Beginningless Time

Laureano Luna
2009 Disputatio  
The structure of Yablo's paradox is analysed and generalised in order to show that beginningless step-by-step determination processes can be used to provoke antinomies, more concretely, to make our logical and our ontological intuitions clash. The flow of time and the flow of causality are usually conceived of as intimately intertwined, so that temporal causation is the very paradigm of a step-by-step determination process. As a consequence, the paradoxical nature of beginningless step-by-step
more » ... gless step-by-step determination processes concerns time and causality as usually conceived.
doi:10.2478/disp-2009-0002 fatcat:4pfqxuljanclrmek4kwr4jbrj4