1915 Archives of Internal Medicine  
It was noted at autopsy in a study of animals dying after the removal of both adrenals that the pancreas always presents a characteristic appearance. In color the gland is deep pink and contrasts quite strikingly with the faint white color of the normal pancreas. Because of their marked injection, it is possible to see all the vessels by transmitted light; even those leading to the small lobules stand out prominently. Histologically the islands appear prominent and the capillaries are engorged
more » ... aries are engorged with blood. This appearance is only slightly simulated by that of the fatigue gland at the end of a long period of digestion. Since these changes in the pancreas were so marked and constant, we deemed them worthy of a separate investigation. This seemed especially desirable as accurate data in regard to the polyglandular theory are very scant. We found only one reference describing a seemingly similar condition of the pancreas. Sweet and Allen1 noted that at necropsy of dogs from which the hypophysis had been removed the pancreas presented a striking red coloration like that seen at the height of digestion. Microscopic study, however, did not reveal any very marked changes. Numerous experiments have been reported the results of which tend to establish the existence of a specific functional relationship between the adrenals and the pancreas. Hypotheses concerning this relationship are based on two facts : ( 1 ) That epinephrin produces glycosuria, and (2) that it decreases the flow of pancreatic juice. Investigation has failed to demonstrate that the glycosurie action of epinephrin is due to its primary effect on the pancreas. Lusk and Riche2 conclude that the glycosurie action of epinephrin is due to vaso¬ constriction and not to inhibition of pancreatic function. Crowe and Wislocki,3 who recently investigated the subject, conclude that carbo¬ hydrate tolerance is not modified in an adrenalectomized animal. The
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