A Brief Overview on the Anticorrosion Performances of Sol-Gel Zeolite Coatings

Luigi Calabrese, Edoardo Proverbio
2019 Coatings  
Research activity concerning nanoporous zeolites has grown considerably in recent decades. The structural porosity of zeolites provides versatile functional properties such as molecular selectivity, ion and molecule storage capacity, high surface area, and pore volume which combined with excellent thermal and chemical stability can extend its application fields in several industrial sectors. In such a context, anti-corrosion zeolite coatings are an emerging technology able to offer a reliable
more » ... offer a reliable high performing and environmental friendly alternative to conventional chromate-based protective coatings. In this article, a focused overview on anti-corrosion performances of sol-gel composite zeolite coatings is provided. The topic of this review is addressed to assess the barrier and self-healing properties of composite zeolite coating. Based on results available in the literature, a property–structure relationship of this class of composites is proposed summarizing, furthermore, the competing anti-corrosion active and passive protective mechanisms involved during coating degradation. Eventually, a brief summary and a future trend evaluation is also reported.
doi:10.3390/coatings9060409 fatcat:kijvowtte5dgdmufiwjxyfwihe