Adalberto Rangone
2016 unpublished
The analysis on the entrepreneurial system development in the world involves inevitably the question: why in some countries businesses made a specific evolutionary process unlike others? Certainly specific and social conditions as well as economic legacies or regulatory issues promoted by political systems involve. However, these factors are mainly relevant when comparing companies from countries with clear socioeconomic disparities. In the presence of a homogeneous economic development,
more » ... development, however, other significant factors seem to intervene. Corporate psychology therefore aims to identify the causes conditioning the entrepreneurial choices in developed economies. In Italy, the evolutionary behaviour of enterprises has been clearly conditioned from the entrepreneurs' conception of doing business. This principle involves the choice of the entrepreneurial initiative, the subsequent managerial decisions, and more generally the entrepreneurial fabric development. This paper aims to introduce the topic of the corporate psychology related to new entrepreneurial initiatives in Italy and to propose it as a useful tool for a stable corporate development.