Helium irradiation effects on deuterium retention in tungsten

Yuki Sakoi, Mitsutaka Miyamoto, Kotaro Ono, Mizuki Sakamoto
2013 Journal of Nuclear Materials  
To investigate effects of helium irradiation on deuterium retention properties in tungsten, thermal desorption spectroscopy of deuterium from a specimen irradiated with a sequential irradiation of 3 keV helium and 1.5 keV deuterium ions at room temperature was measured and the related microstructure was observed by transmission electron microscopy. It was found that pre-irradiation of 3 keV He + ions to fluences of 1.0×10 21 -1.0×10 22 He + /m 2 increased, while the retention of deuterium
more » ... cally decreased above the fluences of 1.0×10 23 He + /m 2 . A similar reduction of deuterium retention was also observed by the pre-exposure of the specimen to a very low energy (~10 eV) and high fluence helium plasma. The reduction effects on deuterium retention are discussed in terms of the formation of linked or interconnected structure of bubbles, which could create an easy release and diffusion path for deuterium desorption.
doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2012.10.003 fatcat:bhfpavgg5rhetdteximetaaoi4