A study of fabrication methods of aluminum based composites focused on stir casting process

Arun Kumar Sharma, Rakesh Bhandari, Amit Aherwar, Camelia Pinca-Bretotean
2020 Materials Today: Proceedings  
The growing requirement for the product having low cost along with excellent quality has moved work towards composite materials in recent years. Composite materials are very important materials nowadays. A composite material is the mixture of two or more materials, which are having distinct phases and characteristics as well as superior to the base material. Metal matrix composites (MMCs) are constantly evolving due to innovative and exciting technologies and are widely used as well as
more » ... d as a potential material for many industrial applications in various industries. MMCs are having excellent properties in comparison with conventional metals and alloys, in MMCs, a new class of composites, aluminum metal matrix composites (AlMMCs) are gaining increasing attention, AlMMCs are very important for a wide array of applications in industries because of excellent mechanical characteristics, low weight and cost. In the production of MMC materials, there are several production methods available as well as AlMMCs also can be manufactured through a variety of techniques. By changing the methods of the fabrication process and by adding the reinforcement material, different characteristic profiles can be obtained although the materials having the same composition and same quantities. The objective of this article provides a brief overview of the liquid fabrication process focused on the stir casting method and also about various factors, which generally affect the fabrication process.
doi:10.1016/j.matpr.2020.03.316 fatcat:nigo5silejc5xobtktmhsdjbpe