Global Weyl groups and a new theory of multiplicative quiver varieties

Philip Boalch
2015 Geometry and Topology  
In previous work a relation between a large class of Kac-Moody algebras and meromorphic connections on global curves was established---notably the Weyl group gives isomorphisms between different moduli spaces of connections, and the root system is also seen to play a role. This involved a modular interpretation of many Nakajima quiver varieties, as moduli spaces of connections, whenever the underlying graph was a complete k-partite graph (or more generally a supernova graph). However in the
more » ... onodromy story, or wild nonabelian Hodge theory, slightly larger moduli spaces of connections are considered. This raises the question of whether the full moduli spaces admit Weyl group isomorphisms, rather than just the open parts isomorphic to quiver varieties. This question will be solved here, by developing a "multiplicative version" of the previous approach. This amounts to constructing many algebraic symplectic isomorphisms between wild character varieties. This approach also enables us to state a conjecture for certain irregular Deligne--Simpson problems and introduce some noncommutative algebras, generalising the "generalised double affine Hecke algebras".
doi:10.2140/gt.2015.19.3467 fatcat:32szo5vyc5ew5dam7z4yyqdq6i