P2GS.4 - WS2-decorated rGO for Quasi-room Temperature Gas Sensing Applications

V. Paoluccia, S. M. Emamjomeha, C. Cantalinia, L. Ottavianob, University Of Vienna, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria
We report on the NO2 and humidity chemoresistive gas responses of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) and WS2-decorated rGO (GO/WS2). Films are prepared by drop casting a solution of GO and WS2 suspended nanoflakes in ethanol, on Si3N4 patterned substrates to yield a homogeneous dispersion of WS2 on the GO matrix as shown by HRTEM microstructural characterization. After thermal reduction at 70°C, rGO and rGO/WS2 gas sensing response are compared, exposing the films to NO2 (2-10 ppm) in dry air and 60%
more » ... Relative Humidity (R.H.) at quasi room temperature (i.e. 25°C and 50°C). WS2 addition improves the stability of the baseline, and poses improved sensitivity to NO2. Finally, the effect of visible light illumination on gas desorption mechanism is examined, observing a positive effect on the base line recovery after gas evacuation.
doi:10.5162/imcs2018/p2gs.4 fatcat:cf7geb4jubhbflubgyrk5573aa