Setting fire to our bed: a look at narrative persuasion through investigating depictions of intimate partner violence [article]

Desirae Masterson
Thank you for support and encouragement during both my undergrad and graduate studies. Hailey Aycock: Without your help I would not have been able to run all of my IUPUI participants in one summer. Kuo Li: Your work and friendship are both truly treasured by me. Thank you for helping with my participants. Pat at the writing center: Last summer you have been my daily and weekly reader. You kept me on track and served as my own, very own, cheerleader. Thank you. Joy Knight: You are an editing
more » ... n and the best cheerleader in the world. Kim White-Mills: Thank you for all of your help with my participant gathering, managing Hailey's independent study, and with your help running my research lab. Catherine Dobris: Thank you for your guidance through Chapter Two. The semester I took your class was life changing for me, and it played a large role in my academic transformation. Thank you again. You have made me a better writer. Nancy Rhodes: Wow, I do not know where to begin with my gratitude. Thank you for introducing me and taking me to the dark side, i.e., experimental research. This has been a very long road. Thank you for traveling it with me. v Ron Sandwina: Without you I would not be here. I could fill a book with the 167 or so reasons you helped me get here. Starting in 2002, it is when you strongly suggested that I just major in Communication because I was already taking all the classes anyway. Mom and Dad: You both showed me it was possible to get a master's degree with kids. Thank you for all you have done. Grams: I cannot begin to thank you. You have dedicated that last four years to my family. Thank you. Thank you for your support while I have chased this dream.
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