T.O KOREPANOVA, Perm Military Institute of the National Guard's Forces of the Russian Federation, E.A NIKOLAEVA, A.A NIKITIN, Perm Military Institute of the National Guard's Forces of the Russian Federation, Institute for Advanced Studies -RMTSPK
2021 Азимут научных исследований: педагогика и психология, № 1(30) 29.02.2020  
Youth belongs to a socio-demographic group with special social and psychological traits. Personality, being a dynamic system, is in a state of continuous change and development. In the process of such personal development, internal driving forces are gradually becoming more and more important, allowing a person to more and more independently determine the tasks and direction of his own development. For research in this area, the term was introduced: value orientations -the characteristics of a
more » ... erson's personality that determine the worldview, the ability to act, that is, its social, intellectual and creative activity. In the process of learning about the world, the orientations of values can change. In studies devoted to the study of changes in the value orientations of young people in the process of growing up, the methodology of the famous psychologist M. Rokeach is most often used. Young people form their worldview for the most part during their higher education. For 5-6 years, students change their view of the world, prioritize and aspirations in the order of their personal value and importance. The main factors in the value orientations of young people, according to many experts, are family, health, and education. The least influence is exerted by the state in the person of its authorities. Military service is a special type of labor activity, therefore, the article pays special attention to the formation of spiritual and moral values among the cadets of a military university. At the Perm Military Institute of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, testing was carried out among cadets of the 1st and 4th courses of training in technical specialties. The increased importance of the values "Health" and "Happy family life", as well as "Good manners", "Responsibility" and "Honesty" was noted.
doi:10.26140/anip-2021-1002-0092 fatcat:li3cvtvhcbcjzhdteu4jevlspy