Holistic Research of Software Testing and Challenges

In early 2000, there were many popular magazines published software losses as headlines, records show that in US alone had $60 billion losses occurred due to software failures and nearly fifty percent of them can be prevented, if those systems had properly tested. These kinds of situations led to focus more on the importance of the software testing for the last two decades. Hence, the software testing growth was exponential. Software testing is a broad term consists of many types and phases of
more » ... esting. However, the testing is predominantly ad hoc and expensive till today. To make it more systematic and cost-effective researchers are studying all the facets of software testing to increase the reliability and making it more affordable to suite all kinds of development models. In this review paper, we discussed and highlighted utmost facets of testing in detail including but not limited to the evolution of software testing to its goals and challenges we face today
doi:10.35940/ijitee.f1307.0486s419 fatcat:stnof5xa5vcrlnzz6sxxh2jilu