Design and Analysis of a Low Noise Amplifier with matching Networks

B. Sekharbabu, G. Narendra, K.Narasimha Reddy
2017 IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering  
An electronic equipment will increase the ability of each the signal and also the noise gift at its input. However there square measure disadvantages with the increasing noise power throughout amplification. Therefore, there was a desire for various such signals ought to be amplified maintaining noise power constant. Hence, LNAs square measure designed to attenuate further noise. Low-noise electronic equipment (LNA) is electronic electronic equipment that amplifies an awfully low-power signal
more » ... low-power signal while not considerably degrading its SNR value. Noise will be reduced by considering electrical resistance matching, selecting the electronic equipment technology (such as low-noise components), and choosing low-noise biasing conditions. LNAs square measure found at the receiving finish of nearly each communications system like radio communication systems, medical instruments. A typical LNA could provide an influence gain 20 dB whereas decreasing the signal/noise ratio by but an element of 2 (a three decibel noise figure (NF)) its performance is measured in an exceedingly variety of figures of advantage. We'll be planning noise electronic equipment that operates at 0.9GHz and expected to own a G max of 12.69dB and smith chart is employed to form matched circuits to attain the expected gain. Here we have a tendency to attempt to accomplish electrical resistance matching victimization Smith tool that could be an elementary aid in electrical resistance matching network style and additionally is a typical for graphical presentation of electrical resistance, reactance, stability circles, gain circles, noise circles with the assistance of laptop -aided ANSYS HFSS tool.
doi:10.9790/2834-1203035357 fatcat:otdchmqegfcf5hyijmyrgyny7a