A Mobile Based Tigrigna Language Learning Tool

Hailay Kidu Teklehaimanot
2015 International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies  
Mobile learning (ML) refers to the use of mobile and handheld IT devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), mobile telephones, laptops and tablet PC technologies, in teaching and learning. Mobile learning is a new form of learning, using mobile network and tools, expanding digital learning channel, gaining educational information, educational resources and educational services anytime, anywhere .Mobile phone is superior to a computer in portability. This technology also facilitates the
more » ... learning by yourself process. Learning without teacher is easy in this scenario. The technology encourages learn anytime and anywhere. Learning a language is different from any other subject as it combines explicit learning of vocabulary and language rules with unconscious skills development in the fluent application of both these things. This can only happen when language learners are exposed in authentic language use for many hours every week and this is something that mobile technologies can easily support. This article focuses on "Mobile Based Tigrigna Language Learning Tool" and implemented a tool for learn it. !"#$%& '$()*+Mobile, Learning, Tigrigna and Language, Language learning I. 50
doi:10.3991/ijim.v9i2.4322 fatcat:ykdfkxd435dfbejdioy6zj7w5m