Hard-photon emission in e+e− reactions

G. Bonneau, F. Martin
1971 Nuclear Physics B  
The radiative corrections to lowest order for the reactions e-e-giving any final state f, different from e+e -, are calculated, taking into account the contributions coming from the photons emitted by the electrons. Then an application of these results to the process e+e -~ 7r+rr -is done in the experimental conditions of ACO. The difference with previous results arises from: (i) a rigorous calculation of Feynman diagrams without using the "quasi-rfiel" process approximation, (ii) the error in
more » ... he Coulomb terms, and (iii) a precise evaluation of the photon phase space. * Postal address: Laboratoire de Physique Th~orique et Hautes Energies, Facult~ des Sciences, Bat. 211, 91-Orsay. ** Laboratoire Associ~ au CNRS.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(71)90102-7 fatcat:i4gzxrgwl5h2loet2owo3m2mey