A Study on plan for promoting innovation and utilization of information sharing
공공정보 활용의 기술적 방법과 정보서비스의 정책적 함의

Youngmi Kim
2014 Journal of Digital Convergence  
Paradigm shift in government services means the evolution to the service with active participation based on information technology. Opening public information proceeds to an extent that private sector participation can be a basis and driving force, and extends to a stage that free and practical use is possible for private sector. Therefore, the government is preparing for legal and institutional foundation for various fields. The government needs to build open network from user-oriented point
more » ... er-oriented point of view rather than provider-centric point of view, improve communication, and change the way of working due to the fact that flexible and rapid business process is required. It is time to prepare development plans for public the functions of platform-type government that public sector can participate in the role of government, create new value, and give rise to innovation in order to change the functionality of the government and meet the new needs of citizen. This study tries to analyze platform-type government and to study efficient role allocation for sharing resources including informant and system between the government and the private sector, focusing on innovation of public information sharing.
doi:10.14400/jdc.2014.12.4.43 fatcat:4vxlvg6p6zh5bgzwovniu6ah6m