Emergence of anomalous dynamics from the underlying singular continuous spectrum in interacting many-body systems

J. Settino, N. W. Talarico, F. Cosco, F. Plastina, S. Maniscalco, N. Lo Gullo
2020 Physical review B  
We investigate the dynamical properties of an interacting many-body system with a nontrivial energy potential landscape that may induce a singular continuous single-particle energy spectrum. Focusing on the Aubry-André model, whose anomalous transport properties in the presence of interaction was recently demonstrated experimentally in an ultracold-gas setup, we discuss the anomalous slowing down of the dynamics it exhibits and show that it emerges from the singular-continuous nature of the
more » ... le-particle excitation spectrum. Our study demonstrates that singular-continuous spectra can be found in interacting systems, unlike previously conjectured by treating the interactions in the mean-field approximation. This, in turns, also highlights the importance of the many-body correlations in giving rise to anomalous dynamics, which, in many-body systems, can result from a nontrivial interplay between geometry and interactions.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.101.144303 fatcat:hrjy2ozdmzfkxbhofl37ocs7jy