Opinion of physicians and the general population on the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide
Opinión de médicos y población general sobre la posible legalización de la eutanasia y el suicidio asistido

Justo Aznar
2021 Cuadernos de bioética  
In some countries, particularly Spain, one of the arguments used to justify the legalization of euthanasia is that there is a strong social demand for it. To try to ascertain the truth of this statement, we review different surveys of physicians and the general public, to determine their opinion on whether or not to legalize this practice. We found that the percentage of respondents who approve this practice varies widely from one country to another, with some countries in which approval is
more » ... e to 80% and others in which it fails to reach even 40%. It has been suggested that this may be because the questions included in the various surveys differ greatly, since not all use the word ″euthanasia″ directly, replacing it with words or phrases of similar meaning. Thus, some respondents may not quite identify them with euthanasia. We conclude that, in the vast majority of countries, there does not seem to be an objective social demand to justify the legalization of euthanasia.
doi:10.30444/cb.85 pmid:33812362 fatcat:u2g6igjmbzeefeim4vepotg5iq