XXIX.—On Deacon's method of obtaining chlorine, as illustrating some principles of chemical dynamics

Henry Deacon
1872 Journal of the Chemical Society (Resumed)  
By HENRY DEACON, Alkali Manufacturer, Widnes. Nature of the Enquiry. My problem has been how, readily, regularly, and conthuonsIy to make from a heated current of hydrochloric acid gas, mixed with air, the largest quantity of chlorine in the smdlest pace, in the shortest time, at the least cost. " weight raised by a falling body, a force is expended exactly equive-" lent to the work done." 2. That in long parallel tubes of the same diameter, the number of opportunitierr of action in the same
more » ... tion in the same time is nearly the same at all velocities of the current of gas. 3. That in long parallel lubes of different diameters, the number of opportunities of action of each molecule of copper salt is the same when the velocitiee of the currents of gas are in inverse proportion t o tbe sqnasea of the tubes' diameters.
doi:10.1039/js8722500725 fatcat:5jtgkwpbrjbj5k2ogmbqskwjzy