Historic Architecture and Aesthetic Reconstruction of Guqin Aesthetics

Boyuan Song, Huajie Sui
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Society   unpublished
Guqin instrument, from many historical documents, have fully demonstrated its implication of cultural significance has gone beyond the instrument itself. Piano music in the tradition of thousands of years has been the development of ancient cultural elites constantly enriched and improved aesthetic construction and conscious, so that not only can Guqin, self-cultivation, but also family, country and the world of social function, its cultural connotation far more than other instruments in
more » ... . By origin of Guqin. Near Guqin in to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, based on the proposed reconstruction of contemporary aesthetic sense. Correctly grasp the contact Guqin shape, sound, cultural and aesthetic thought between, with the development trend of particularity and cultural reform of Guqin in Chinese traditional culture as innate, promote Guqin culture. These intellectuals is not only the creator of Guqin treatises and recorded, and those who practice the art of Guqin performances. Confucius period of band is one of the necessary basic training with disabilities groups, this makes their written work is not very empty Guqin aesthetics, broad, but is closely related to piano playing music and other artistic practice.
doi:10.2991/emcs-16.2016.520 fatcat:c6lifwrxrbhpli6kxeylg562gm