Gražina ŽIBIENĖ, Alvydas ŽIBAS
2018 Proccedings of International Scientific Conference "RURAL DEVELOPMENT 2017"   unpublished
In this article we analyse catfish rearing conditions in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Based on research, performed by scientists from different countries, we evaluated optimal water parameter values for catfish rearing. African catfish growing process and with it associated factors were researched in JC "Šamas". The amount of dissolved oxygen (on average 4,53 mg/l) in the rearing basin is adequate for the catfish to feel comfortable and for biomass growth. Water temperature only
more » ... es slightly – the average water temperature is 23,30C. The ideal pH for rearing fish in RAS is 7.0. Many aquaculture species continue to feel comfortable in pH boundaries of 6.5-8.5. In the samples, taken from catfish rearing system, the pH varied from 5.58 to 6.63. Such acidic water decreases the effectiveness of biological filter, but also decreases the toxic effect of excreted ammonia on the fish. Only a small amount of suspended solid is present in the samples, which means that they are being removed properly. The average amount of ammonia nitrogen in the water basins in analysed catfish rearing systems is 1,171 mg/l. The analysed water samples presented an average nitrite amount of 0,974 mg/l. The recommended amount of nitrites for catfish is less than 0.5 mg/l. The analysed samples presented relatively high nitrate values – from 412 to 495 mg/l. In order to decrease the concentration of accumulated nitrates it is required to change no less than 10% of total system water volume every day. The index of consumed biochemical oxygen corresponds to the requirements for water quality in RAS
doi:10.15544/rd.2017.015 fatcat:o2bgbec5ajbothn7zknban2jha