H.W. Archer-Hall
1922 The Lancet  
633 treatment since, nor has he dieted himself, but has remained quite well. He feels a heaviness in the epigastrium when he partakes of fat or salt food ; there is sometimes a sensation of distension of the abdomen, pain and irregular action of the bowels, but no diarrhoea. The general condition is good, except that a certain amount of fatigue and headache arises in connexion with the dyspeptic attacks. The most interesting problem was whether the ansemia. was definitely cured, as well as the
more » ... nteritis which must be looked upon as the cause of its appearance, or whether there would be a relapse, which might be expected in view of its pernicious character. The pronounced subjective symptoms of anemia, observed previous to hospital treatment and dissipated by it, have clearly never returned. My examination of his blood on Jan. 26th, 1921, showed it was normal: haemoglobin 98 per cent. (Sahli, corrected) ; red blood corpuscles 5-12 million ; haemoglobin index, 0-96 ; leucocytes, 9300 ; microscopically, nothing abnormal. In January, 1922, he has reported to me that his condition is quite satisfactory, and his haemoglobin normal. As the period of observation has now been extended to three and a half years, it is justifiable also to regard the an,emia as definitely cured.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)27171-2 fatcat:gasg7rctcbbdznps4bllkdwpi4