Native Hordes: An Experiment In Active Disobedience

Moiya A.S. McTier
2016 Zenodo  
A thesis presented to the Departments of Astronomy and Folklore & Mythology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The bulk of the work comprises science fiction. There are two appendices, Appendix A, "Habitability Test of EPIC 206032309", McTier et al.; and Appendix B, "Thirty Meter Telescope Conflict", which provides historical, technical, and ethnographic background necessary to better understand the conflict and metaphor in the book. Abstract of
more » ... ix A: In the search for habitable exoplanets, astronomers' primary criterion is that the planet's equilibrium temperature is such that it could hold liquid water. Using photometric data from the K2 mission, we analyze the transit light curve of EPIC 206032309 (from here on, called EPIC), a single-planet system located ≈ 220 pc away. In this paper, we report the stellar, planetary, and orbital properties of this system. We assert that, with an equilibrium temperature of 978±49K, EPIC does not reside in the habitable zone of its host star.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.50095 fatcat:e7vzqppi25eidp42qdrgbjw67m