Aymé Cepero Santos, Sarai Millo López, Anaeilys López Rodríguez
2016 Revista de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río  
burning mouth syndrome is a known entity characterized by a burning sensation, itching of the oral mucosa in the absence of clinical signs and it usually appears in middle-aged or older people. Despite having been studied, its aetiology is still unknown and it is supposed to be multifactorial, so there is no effective treatment. Objectives: to conduct a review of the burning mouth syndrome and to describe the pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis and therapeutic behaviour of the entity
more » ... viour of the entity combining scientific knowledge to provide data for its diagnosis and effective treatment. Methods: sixty-two foreign and two national articles were reviewed from recognized journals published on internet with scientific credit, providing a right combination and variability of results; out of them thirty-two bibliographies were quoted, nineteen from the last five years to ensure the updating of the theme. In addition, the authors offer the first relevant and still valid data on the subject examined. Results: the authors confirm the important role of the psychogenic- neuropathic component on the onset of symptoms. Doctor-patient empathy, control of local factors, and the application of drug combination several authors demonstrated, along with local mouthwashes and removal of temporomandibular commitment seems to be the ideal alternative of treatment. Conclusions: the novelty in the treatment of burning mouth syndrome highlights the importance of detecting and controlling the commitment of the temporomandibular joint. Acupuncture, homeopathic, relaxation and floral therapies could be taken as alternatives to relieve neuropathic pain in these patients.
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