Development of gated fiber detectors for laser-induced strong electromagnetic pulse environments

Po Hu, Zhi-Guo Ma, Kai Zhao, Guo-Qiang Zhang, De-Qing Fang, Bao-Ren Wei, Chang-Bo Fu, Yu-Gang Ma
2021 Nuclear Science and Techniques  
AbstractWith the development of laser technologies, nuclear reactions can happen in high-temperature plasma environments induced by lasers and have attracted a lot of attention from different physical disciplines. However, studies on nuclear reactions in plasma are still limited by detecting technologies. This is mainly due to the fact that extremely high electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) can also be induced when high-intensity lasers hit targets to induce plasma, and then cause dysfunction of many
more » ... types of traditional detectors. Therefore, new particle detecting technologies are highly needed. In this paper, we report a recently developed gated fiber detector which can be used in harsh EMP environments. In this prototype detector, scintillating photons are coupled by fiber and then transferred to a gated photomultiplier tube which is located far away from the EMP source and shielded well. With those measures, the EMPs can be avoided which may result that the device has the capability to identify a single event of nuclear reaction products generated in laser-induced plasma from noise EMP backgrounds. This new type of detector can be widely used as a time-of-flight (TOF) detector in high-intensity laser nuclear physics experiments for detecting neutrons, photons, and other charged particles.
doi:10.1007/s41365-021-00898-8 fatcat:f2xenhyot5h3bopg52tben6pdm