Administrative traditions and citizen participation in public policy: a comparative study of France, Germany, the UK and Norway

Katy Huxley, Rhys Andrews, James Downe, Valeria Guarneros-Meza
2016 Policy and politics (Print)  
The participation of citizens in public policy-making has become a key aim for national and supranational institutions across Europe, but the relative importance policy-makers actually accord citizen participation arguably varies due to the alternative administrative traditions within different countries. Using data drawn from a large-scale survey of senior public managers in France, Germany, the United Kingdom (UK) and Norway, we find support for the idea that administrative tradition
more » ... s the participation of citizens in public policy. We also identify key institutional factors determining the importance of citizen participation. Theoretical and practical implications of these findings are discussed.
doi:10.1332/030557315x14298700857974 fatcat:vdvtptyxujbl7fqbtw7a6laq6a