On Learning Path Planning Algorithm Based on Collaborative Analysis of Learning Behavior

Zhaoyu Shou, Xianying Lu, Zhengzheng Wu, Hua Yuan, Huibing Zhang, Junli Lai
2020 IEEE Access  
Studying learning path planning can help find useful implicit learning behavior patterns from learners' online learning behavior data, which is conducive to helping beginners or learners with low participation to reasonably arrange the learning sequence of online knowledge points. This paper proposes a learning path planning algorithm based on collaborative analysis of learning behavior through collaborative data analysis of online learning behaviors. The algorithm, based on the learner's
more » ... learning behavior data set, first establishes the concept interaction degree model of knowledge points and the directed learning path network, and proposes a local structure similarity measurement method between the knowledge nodes of the directed learning path network. Second, based on the learner's Kullback-Leibler divergence (KLD) matrix, a learning behavior similarity calculation method on the basis of eigenvector matrix similarity is proposed, which is used to perform cluster analysis on learners with similar learning behaviors and to analyze the personalized optimal learning path of each kind of learners. Finally, the clustering algorithm and the evaluation index of the directed complex network have both verified the advantages of the algorithm. This paper employs the online behavior data set and online test data set obtained from the e-learning platform to conduct an empirical analysis of the learning path planning algorithm proposed hereof. The results show that the learner's learning effect has been improved, verifying the validity and reliability of the algorithm. INDEX TERMS Local structural similarity on the knowledge node of the directed learning path network, similarity measure on learning behavior, concept interaction degree of knowledge points, individualized optimal learning path.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3005793 fatcat:ufvvwath25gvpe3nk2xjvhebxu