FY 1996 cost savings report [report]

K.L. Andrews-Smith
1997 unpublished
5285 Port Royal Road Springfield, VA 221 61 (703) 487-4650 Printed in h U n h d Sf.tos of Arne&. DISCLM1.CHP (1-91) FY 1996 COST SAVINGS REPORT Cost savings are an integral part of Hanford site operations. Congressional actions towards establishing a balanced budget have resulted in reductions to funding for all federal agencies, including the Department of Energy (DOE) Environmental Management (EM) cleanup mission. In September 1994 the DOE -Richland Operations Office (RL) approved the FY 1995
more » ... pproved the FY 1995 multi-year baseline that included a cost estimate of $1.9 billion for FY 1996. However, Congress only appropriated $1.3 billion for that year. The shortfall of $600 million resulted in a significant challenge to accomplish the required workscope. Therefore, RL initiated an aggressive cost savings program to eliminate the shortfall by deleting workscope that was unnecessary and performing the remaining workscope more efficiently. BACKGROUND
doi:10.2172/353262 fatcat:54i3ukisgjekljkdm4u53ochea