A New Bussgang Blind Equalization Algorithm with Reduced Computational Complexity
계산 복잡도가 줄어든 새로운 Bussgang 자력 등화 알고리듬

Seong-Min Kim, Whan-Woo Kim
2011 The Journal of Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science  
The decision-directed blind equalization algorithm is often used due to its simplicity and good convergence property when the eye pattern is open. However, in a channel where the eye pattern is closed, the decision-directed algorithm is not guaranteed to converge. Hence, a modified Bussgang-type algorithm using a hyperbolic tangent function for zero-memory nonlinear(ZNL) function has been proposed and applied to avoid this problem by Filho et al [1] . But application of this algorithm includes
more » ... he calculation of hyperbolic tangent function and its derivative or a look-up table which may need a large amount of memory due to channel variations. To reduce the computational and/or hardware complexity of Filho's algorithm, in this paper, an improved method for the decision-directed algorithm is proposed. In the proposed scheme, the ZNL function and its derivative are respectively set to be the original signum function and a narrow rectangular pulse which is an approximation of Dirac delta function. It is shown that the proposed scheme, when it is combined with decision-directed algorithm, reduces the computational complexity drastically while it retains the convergence and steady-state performance of the Filho's algorithm.
doi:10.5515/kjkiees.2011.22.10.1012 fatcat:xeqd76jtorba3dzycxeknmyt2y