A Model-based Software Development Kit for the SensorCloud Platform [chapter]

Lars Hermerschmidt, Antonio Navarro Perez, Bernhard Rumpe
2014 Trusted Cloud Computing  
The development of software for the cloud is complicated by a tight entanglement of business logic and complex non-functional requirements. In search of a solution, we argue for the application of model-based software engineering to a particular class of cloud software, namely interactive cloud software systems. In particular, we outline an architecture-driven, model-based method that facilitates an agile, topdown development approach. At its core it employs a software architecture model that
more » ... augmented with additional aspect-specific models. These models serve as concise, formal, first-class specification documents and, thus, as foundation for tool-supported analysis and synthesis, in particular, code generation. We hypothesize that many crucial cloud-specific non-functional requirements can be satisfactory addressed on the architecture level such that their realization in the system can be synthesized by tools with small impact on the business logic. Note: This paper is based on the technical report clArc -Architecture-Driven, Model-based Engineering of Cloud Software which is currently in process of publication in the Aachener Informatik Berichte series. [HPR13] L. Hermerschmidt, A. Navarro Perez, B. Rumpe: A Model-based Software Development Kit for the SensorCloud Platform.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-12718-7_8 fatcat:t5yqw73m4jaahi6rtyb73rnwvi