The language of Cezar Baltag's poetry

Nadejda ALBU
2022 Zenodo  
In this article we analyze Cezar Baltag's poetry from the perspective of literary language. We state with certainty that the poet's language is an ambiguous one, which proposes different possibilities of interpretation, focusing especially on certain literary symbols, such as: the mirror, the threshold, the door, etc. Cezar Baltag, in his poems, creates a link between heaven and earth: mythology, folklore, sensuality, occultism, religion, poetry. The poet builds through deconstructivism, using
more » ... oetry to interpret and elucidate existence. His poems become a verbal organization corresponding to a spiritual content. His poetry does not present a finality, but a wandering for answers, a search for true identity, a continuous becoming. He recycles the elements of traditionalism through the postmodernist technique of collage and enriches the poetic language with new connotations and emotions.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7129498 fatcat:jmrrtemur5dn7ifs3e233qkzl4