Natalia Bashmakova, Liliya Bakalinska
2019 Музикознавча думка Дніпропетровщини  
The purpose of this research is to identify the specificity of pop and jazz stylistics as one of the characteristic trends of modern accordion art, using the analysis of the composition "Hommage a Paco" by Frank Angelis. The methods of the proposed scientific article are based on the use of research approaches (genre, style, textual, analytical), which allow to identify the specific embodiment of trends in the current stage of the development of accordion art in the modern repertoire.
more » ... novelty. Despite its widespread use in practice, Frank Angelis's composing work has not been subject to scientific understanding; in particular, his work has not been analyzed in detail in contemporary Ukraine. Conclusions. As a result of the analysis of Frank Angelis's "Hommage a Pacco", it was founded that the specificity of the formation is coordinated by the principle of double-frequency (the first part has an expositional character, the second – jazz-improvisational); the individuality and expressiveness of the aesthetics of the theme are determined by the dances of the famous Spanish virtuoso guitarist Paco de Lucia (Allegres, Bulires and Tangos), which underlie the work. The specificity of the harmonic plan is mainly based on alternate septaccords and noncords, and the thematicism is modified by texturing. The dedication to the creator of the "new flamenco" style is reflected in a diverse palette of playing tools, most of which mimic the specificity of guitar techniques (so the specific accordion tremolo gives the music material an expressive, precise, more sonorous sound – the color of the flamenco, and creates an invoice-like texture). Also in the melodic line are reflected specific guitar techniques, including "long picado", "rasgeado", "alsapua". A peculiar feature of the composer's style is the use of jazz elements such as: "quasi-improvisation", "mini-solo". Combining music from different directions, F. Angelis created the unique composition, giving it the characteristic features of Spanish flamenco and jazz music.
doi:10.33287/222009 fatcat:ifqd2kjrdna5dfsgelc3tkpieq