Solvent-free, Environmentally Benign Syntheses of Some Imines and Antioxidant Activity

Sainath B Zangade, Avinash Shinde, Avinash Shinde, Shivaji Chavan, Shivaji Chavan, Yeshwant Vibhute, Yeshwant Vibhute
2015 Orbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry  
Environmentally benign, economically feasible, and solvent-free syntheses of series of imines by the condensation of a substituted hydroxynaphthyl ketone with several substituted iodoanilines under grinding approach are described. Imines were further tested for antioxidant activity; most of them show moderate activity. General procedure for the synthesis of imines A mixture of the hydroxyketone 1 (0.01 mol) Zangade et al.
doi:10.17807/orbital.v7i3.608 fatcat:2xlpnohxgnbp5eotyl4x63ztba