B Megharaja, C Chalawadi
2017 International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review   unpublished
/Introduction Financial system play major role for the development of the economy. It feeds money to the corporate sector to run long term as well as short term. Banks have been providing loans and advances to public or corporate. Banks playing vital role in the corporate sectors through raising funds from public like saving deposit and lend it to corporate in terms of loans and advances. Hence intention is to know the top ten financial institutions in India which is mentioned in the southern
more » ... d in the southern economist top 50 companies in the rank in the year 2016, these data calculated by different formula and measured, evaluated them to attain the objectives of the study, it this paper secondary source has been used for measure the performance and evaluated them by using suitable statistical tools, therefore it's on an entailed 'performance measurement and evaluated of selected financial institutions in India". Objectives of the Study 1. To examine the theoretical background of the selected tools in the study area. 2. To measure the performance of selected financial institutions in India 3. To evaluate the performance of selected banks in India Hypothesis of the Study Ha-There is a significance difference of different ratios of selected financial institutions in India.