Chemical and biological treatments of castor bean seeds: effects on germination, emergence and associated microorganisms

Igor Villela Marroni, Andrea Bittencourt Moura, Bernardo Ueno
2012 Revista Brasileira de Sementes  
The effect of chemical and biological treatments on castor bean emergence, seedling vigor, dry matter production, and also the control of microorganisms associated with seeds of the AL Guarany 2002 and Lyra cultivars, was evaluated. The products tested were carbendazim + thiram, carboxin + thiram and a product based on Trichoderma. Total seed and seedling emergence were evaluated at 27 days after sowing whereas dry matter production was verified for plants removed 45 days after sowing. The
more » ... ny 2002 AL cultivar had a higher incidence of microorganisms than the Lyra cultivar. The chemical treatment was 100% effective in controlling fungi but the biological treatment did not reduce microorganism incidence on the seeds. Chemical treatment resulted in plants with more dry matter and the best results were for carbendazim + thiram and carboxin + thiram at doses of 60 g + 140 g and 50 g + 50 g/100 kg of seeds, respectively. The carbendazim + thiram mixture was the only treatment which was statistically higher for total emergence whereas the biological treatment increased emergence only for the Lyra cultivar, thus demonstrating its lower efficiency. The importance of fungicides to control pathogens associated with seeds was discussed.
doi:10.1590/s0101-31222012000100003 fatcat:42pelii3ubamjfb7l4nedqy5aa