Biostratigraphy and lithofacies of the Viséan and Serpukhovian deposits of the southeast of the East European platform

E. I. Kulagina, E. N. Gorozhanina, V. M. Gorozhanin, T. V. Filimonova
2019 Стратиграфия  
This paper presents new data on the biostratigraphy and sedimentology of Upper Visan and Serpukhovian deposits (Lower Carboniferous) from boreholes in the southeast of the East European Platform around the Sol-Iletsk Swell (Orenburg region). Based on rock lithology, sublatitudinal facies zones are recognized in the studied area. The deposits are represented by open shallow shelf facies, up to 500 m thick, in the area of the Sol-Iletsk Swell and near-side zone of the Preuralian Foredeep. To the
more » ... outh, at the margin of the Northern Pericaspian, their thickness sharply decreases to 36 m, and the succession is composed of carbonate-clay sediments of the relatively deep shelf. Based on foraminifers and conodonts, the Upper Visan and Serpukhovian are subdivided using the horizons of the stratigraphic scheme of the East European Platform, and foraminiferal zones are recognized. The base of the Serpukhovian in the high-energy shallow-water facies of the open shelf is drawn at the entry of the foraminifers Janischewskina delicata and Endothyranopsis plana; in lower-energy facies, it is placed at the level of the first appearance of Neoarchaediscus postrugosus; in the clay-carbonate facies of the relatively deep shelf it is based on the appearance of the conodont Lochriea ziegleri. The distribution of microfauna from the five boreholes, the characteristics of the foraminiferal zonal assemblages, and the interregional correlation are discussed.
doi:10.31857/s0869-592x2763-28 fatcat:ty5biv7ugzf33orl2ryuycgshe