Swami Vivekananda: His Philosophy and Vision on Ideal Society

Promod Kumar Ray, Prabira Sethy
2020 Asiatic Society for Social Science Research (ASSSR)  
The paper discusses about the life, philosophy, and vision of an ideal society of Swami Vivekananda. A deeper analysis has been made on his views on the spiritual humanism, the institution of caste system, giving the deprived their lost individuality, a society free of superstitions, harmony of balance between spiritualistic and materialistic society, a system of education meant for man making and character building and above all a religion based on scientific temper and rationalism. The paper
more » ... onalism. The paper also has highlighted how Vivekananda's Vedantic ideas underlines a unique blend of East and West culture which regenerated the virtuous aspect of Hinduism unearthing its reach potentiality serving the humankind. "He is not a pond, he is a reservoir. He is not a pitcher or jug, he is a veritable barrel. He is not a minnow or sardine, he is a huge red-eyed carp. He is not an ordinary sixteen-petalled lotus, he is a glorious lotus with a thousand petals. He is not a twig floating in a river-a twig that sinks even if a bird alights upon it. Rather he is a great tree-trunk carrying men, beasts & merchandise upon its chest".
doi:10.46700/asssr/2020/v2/i1/196113 fatcat:fsdojqvm2zd4dkljhumdsg7hva