Stress-induced ordering of two-dimensional packings of elastic spheres

Zhenwei Yao
2020 Physical review. E  
Packing of particles in confined environments is a common problem in multiple fields. Here, based on the two-dimensional Hertzian particle model, we study the packing of deformable spherical particles under compression and reveal the crucial role of stress as an ordering field in regulating particle arrangement. Specifically, under increasing compression, the squeezed particles spontaneously organize into regular packings in the sequence of triangular and square lattices, pentagonal
more » ... , and the reentrant triangular lattice. The rich ordered patterns and complex structures revealed in this work suggest a fruitful organizational strategy based on the interplay of external stress and intrinsic elastic instability of particle arrays.
doi:10.1103/physreve.101.062904 pmid:32688544 fatcat:7ammmrsguzhpdmuzo6vtamt6w4